Sweet wrapper coasters

As we bring this long, lovely jubilee celebration to a close, I’d like to share another of the Quality Street upcycling projects I’ve been working on. You may remember the lantern from my previous Quality Street Tutorial.Upcycled lantern and coaster

The coaster is a new project for us! The Queen’s Jubilee inspired the pattern, and the function was inspired by my children’s tendency to leave sticky cups everywhere.  They’re simple to make, eye-catching, and last for ages. (as well as giving you perfectly legitimate excuse for eating chocolate!)  So here are the basic steps:

1.  Cut your coaster shape out of cardboard packaging material (cereal box, etc).  You can also buy pre-cut blank beer mats if you can’t get your hands on enough cardboard.

2.  Flatten the foil inserts of your Quality Street wrappers by smoothing them gently against a flat surface. 

(Jacqui is the chief-supremo-wizard-master of smoothing things.  I don’t know how she does it, but the wrappers end up flatter than when they were new!)

3.  Cut shapes from your flattened wrappers to make the pattern for your coaster.

4.  Brush your cardboard with Mod Podge (or other decoupage medium) and carefully apply your wrappers.

5.  Add 2 or more layers of Mod Podge to seal

6.  Trace your coaster’s shape onto a piece of felt.  Cut out the felt and hot glue it to the bottom of the coaster

7.  (optional) for a more durable finish, cover the surface with a clear, sticky plastic like the sort you would use to cover books.  And that’s it. A nice, shiny place to rest your beverage!

Upcycled Coasters, recycled coasters


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