Parties / Custom Workshops

Of course, most of the items we make are available in our Etsy shop–but why not learn to make your own?  If you’d like to learn creative ways to upcycle your waste materials, or just make affordable, handmade gifts for Christmas and birthdays–Contact us!

In addition to our weekly groups for disabled adults, Re-Creations are available for Crafting Parties and custom workshops for groups of all ages and levels of ability.  Upcycling parties are a fun way to introduce children to upcycling and help them begin to think about the environment.  Workshops usually last 1-2 hours and cost around £100 for up to 8 people.  We will provide all  necessary tools, supplies and tuition to help you make a one of our range of upcycled items.  Parties include fun games designed to inspire and raise upcycling awareness for kids and teens.  A filled, upcycled pinata can also be supplied for an additional £20.  Choose from our range of themes below and email to make your booking.

rainbow jar lanterns, upcycled candle holdersJar Lanterns: 



Beaded Jewellery:


upcycled flowersBottle Flowers





upcycled pringles bangles, upcycled pringles bracelets

Bangle bracelets:  Children will be supported to make and decorate their own bangle bracelets from plastic bottles and/or Pringles cans, for a great gift or a cute and trendy party favour. 


Inner Tube Jewellery:  Older children and adults both enjoy learning to make one of a wide range of jewellery from used inner tubes. They make a lovely gift or a unique accessory to take away


Sweet Wrapper Bracelets:  Another fun option for older children and adults is to learn to weave sweet wrappers into colourful and attractive bracelets. (beware: this project may require eating a significant amount of chocolate!)


Sensory and Upcycling parties:  This is a fun option for toddlers and younger children, who can “search for treasure” in rainbow rice and enjoy digging, seiving and pouring.  Then mums can help them to make their own noisemaker or “eye spy” bottle with the rice to take away with them.  Children can also play matching games, designed to engage their senses of hearing and touch.

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