Group Sessions

Re-Creations Project supports people with Learning Disabilities to do meaningful and creative work to benefit their local community. In addition to providing a creative work experience, the project’s wider goal is to help challenge established perceptions of “worth” and “value” and inspire others to find beauty in things that would otherwise be discarded.

Re-Creations Project is a social enterprise for people with learning disabilities in Cambridgeshire. Members can access weekly group sessions as a part of their support plan, and build their skills in a fun, safe environment.  Take a look at what we get up to in our Galleries

In addition to a variety of skilled crafts, members have the opportunity to learn various Upcycling and enterprise skills, including

  •  connecting with the local community to gather waste / unwanted materials
  •  marketing and publicity
  •  online and face-to-face sales
  •  teaching and demonstrating their skills for other community groups

The Cambridge group currently meets on Wednesdays at Buchan Street Neighbourhood Centre from10am – 3pm.  If you or someone you know is interested, stop by for a taster session and see if you would like to join the group.

Not available on Wednesdays?  Let us know what days interest you—we can add more groups as interest grows.


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