Donating Materials

One easy way you can help the Re-Creations Project is to save some of your rubbish for us!  Just think: you get it out of your house, it stays out of landfill, and the group gets awesome raw material to work with.  Everybody wins!  (Otherwise, we have to eat all the Quality Street ourselves–not good.)  We use donated materials to turn these:

sortout 008 Ring_pulls bottle cap

Into these:

sweet wrapper bracelets  etsy 020bottle top keyring

The group can always use certain items throughout the year, and many are  lightweight and easy to post. (Some are also a little weird.  But trust us, we can do awesome stuff with them!)

  • Quality Street Wrappers
  • Ring Pulls
  • Metal Bottle Caps
  • Broken costume jewellery
  • incomplete puzzles and board games
  • broken candles/candle stubs
  • Babybel wax
  • broken crayons
  • bicycle chains and sprockets

Donate by post:

Address to:  Re-Creations Project, 77 St Peters Road, Upwell, Wisbech, Cambs PE14 9EJ

Drop off in person:

If you live in Cambridge, you can drop off items for upcycling at Buchan Street Neighborhood Centre, Buchan Street, CB4 2XF.  We have a donations box in the foyer, or if you stop by on a Wednesday come have a cup of coffee with us and see what we do with your junk.  (bonus–we often have cake and are willing to share)


Do you have what it takes to be a Champion?  If your Cambridgeshire-based business is willing to host a Re-Creations Collection Box (or bucket, welly boot or receptacle of your choice) and text us to collect when it’s full, you can be an official Champion of Rubbish!  What’s in it for you?  Well, we offer champions a discount on recycled decorations for events, a logo and link on our Supporters Page, and we’ll make your very own, personalized, upcycled bottle lamp for you to show off.  It’s the deal of a century–Get collecting!


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