Creatures & Features!

Oooh, it’s been an exciting week!  Not just because of the closing Olympic extravaganza. And not just because I watched a 200 pound German Shepherd hurdle through my 8 foot fence in a desperate smash-and-grab attempt on foster dog’s squeaky toy.

For us, it’s been a big week because our Fairy Godmother in Berlin* has been waving around some magic pixie dust on our behalf and gotten us features!

If you check out our newest piece of flair over here ————————-> We’re wearing a “Roadkill Rescue” badge!  That’s right, baby!  Our Sweet Wrapper Lanterns  are sitting pretty on the front page over at Roadkill Rescue.  (Amongst a whole legion of other  kick-ass ideas which are well worth a visit!)

And if that wasn’t enough, It’s also sitting in the Craft section over atLove All Blogs. (Which, incidentally, seems to be just the app I need to keep all of my blog reading in order!)  These features make one thing clear:  Sheri from Awesomesauce & Asshattery has a lot to teach us about exposing ourselves to the wider public! 😉

In other news this week, we’ve been going nuts with wine bottle lanterns, including these creepy creatures:

Imagine those guys peeking out from your wine rack this Halloween!  Here are a couple of action shots from the group this week:


We’ll update with more photos when the lanterns are finished.  In the meantime, I’ve been road-testing a new online sales venue!  So if you fancy getting your mitts on some fancy bits like the ones I made for Wedstival 2012, come visit the shop on DaWanda, where more items are listed each day.  And stay tuned for our upcoming upcycling tutorials of wonder!




Scrap busting

Did you think we were going to be having a rest, recovering from our creative efforts of the weekend?  Yeah, we did too.  But after a several-week-long upcycling frenzy, apparently one’s fingers don’t just switch off and chill out.  Mine were twitching and I had to find something for them to do or take drastic action and resort to doing actual housework.

Luckily, I had plenty of Wedstival leftovers to work with.  Despite making miles and miles of scrap bunting, we somehow still had some scraps left!  Now, Thing2 had some big ideas for what to do with them…But I thought we could manage something a little more productive.  So I grabbed a worn out bike tire I had lying around and about a hundred knots later I came up with this:

Nice!  Definitely an idea for busting your stash of fabric scraps.  But I was still full of energy and looking for some other creative outlets.  Remember these from the wedding?

They were a huge hit.  But I still had a couple of bottles hanging out in the recycling bin that didn’t make the cut for the wedding since they just weren’t as pretty as the spirit bottles.  (Not yet, anyway)  The answer?  Stickers + Spray Paint = Awesome.

I really do like these.  But now I have a new problem.  I’m out of bottles.  My fingers are still twitching and I’m minutes away from tackling the housework and polishing the floor to such a high shine that family members fall down when they enter. Any ideas?

Sneak Preview: Upcycled Jar Lanterns

Well, if anybody was hanging around the site on Wednesday, you may have noticed that I added quite a few more items to our galleries.  One of the photos I added was this one*:  upcycled flower lantern, upcycled candle holder, jar candle holder, flower candle holder

It’s a jar lantern that i finished recently using a new material, and I thought somebody might like it.  And boy, did they ever like it!  The image was pinned around 65 times in half an hour, and then I was bombarded with emails asking how to make it.  Well, I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that a tutorial is coming.  The bad news?  Well, it’s just not ready yet.  Since I haven’t used this material with jars before, I’m still using a trial-and-error process to figure out the best methods.  But each attempt is coming out better than the last, so you can expect to read the full process, in all it’s awesomeness, soon.  In the meantime, enjoy this later attempt that I made in honor of the upcoming Queen’s Jubilee:

jar candle holder, upcycled candle holder

*Thank you for not commenting on the state of my dirty window.