A Scrappy Weekend

During the preparations for Wedstival 2012,I posted this random photo of a DIY scrap lampshade, and promised a tutorial to follow.  upcycled scrap lampshade

Well, I’m just now getting caught up on my blogging backlog, so here goes!  The plan was to create this (awesome) garland of lampshades to hang over the famous “Green Stage” performance area. 

We were on a shoestring budget and managed to grab this pile of boot sale bargains:But some of them needed a little TLC before they would fit in with the rest of the vintage-chic decorations.  (I’m looking at you, brown tartan shade hiding in the back!) One of them even disintegrated completely on handling, so I needed to start from scratch.  Luckily, I had seen this awesome torn fabric chandelier tutorial on Joyoflie’s DIY Wednesday, so I had an idea in mind.  I grabbed the metal rings that had formed the top and bottom of the lampshade, added a pile of fabric strips and set to work.

I started with around 3 dozen fabric strips, measuring (about) 12 X 1.  I put a small slit about an inch from the end of each strip.

I started with the bottom ring of the lampshade, and began to tie on the fabric strips by feeding the end of each strip through the slit and pulling tight.

When you’ve added your strips all the way around the bottom ring, it’s time to start attaching them to the top ring (the one that will actually clip on to the light bulb.  To do that, I whipped out my trusty hot glue gun. 

I supported the top ring on the neck of a wine bottle and began attaching the fabric strips by folding the loose end over the top ring and hot gluing the “wrong” sides of the fabric together.  I attached strips from opposite sides at first, so that I could make sure the lampshade would hang evenly.  Then I moved clockwise around the circle, attaching the strips and letting them overlap slightly at the top. 

The lampshade took just over an hour to complete.  I’m quite happy with the finished result, but for my next attempt I may add an extra dozen strips to give the shade a fuller look.

Added bonus?  I used the same tying method to make a no-sew, shabby chic, scrappy door curtain this afternoon.  At this time of year, the Great British countryside is awash with sunshine and wildlife–most of which I’d like to keep outside my house.  So once again, I turned to my fabric stash & trusty scissors and got down to stripping and tying. (That sounds quite a bit more exciting than it actually was.)  The finished product?

upcycled scrap curtain

upcycled scrap curtain

It was a hit.  And by a hit, I mean I heard my husband mumble as he walked by, “Grumble… actually something useful… grunt, mumble… for once.”  But I like it.  Actually, if I can get the fabric and the time, I’d love to make a long one as the backdrop for our next market stall…    Anyway, enjoy the rest of your scrappy weekend!


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