Scrap busting

Did you think we were going to be having a rest, recovering from our creative efforts of the weekend?  Yeah, we did too.  But after a several-week-long upcycling frenzy, apparently one’s fingers don’t just switch off and chill out.  Mine were twitching and I had to find something for them to do or take drastic action and resort to doing actual housework.

Luckily, I had plenty of Wedstival leftovers to work with.  Despite making miles and miles of scrap bunting, we somehow still had some scraps left!  Now, Thing2 had some big ideas for what to do with them…But I thought we could manage something a little more productive.  So I grabbed a worn out bike tire I had lying around and about a hundred knots later I came up with this:

Nice!  Definitely an idea for busting your stash of fabric scraps.  But I was still full of energy and looking for some other creative outlets.  Remember these from the wedding?

They were a huge hit.  But I still had a couple of bottles hanging out in the recycling bin that didn’t make the cut for the wedding since they just weren’t as pretty as the spirit bottles.  (Not yet, anyway)  The answer?  Stickers + Spray Paint = Awesome.

I really do like these.  But now I have a new problem.  I’m out of bottles.  My fingers are still twitching and I’m minutes away from tackling the housework and polishing the floor to such a high shine that family members fall down when they enter. Any ideas?


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