On a sadder note…

You may have noticed that my posts have been fewer than ever over the past week, and if you’ve seen me in person you can tell I’ve lost most of the spring in my step.  I have officially lost my mojo.  And the reason why is because of this:

My family’s wonderful pet dog (called Goya) has disappeared.  We discovered that he was missing when I returned home from last Wednesday’s group (which is why I haven’t updated anyone on the group’s amazing shopping trip) I’ve spent the hours since then searching, postering, calling dog wardens and kennels, and generally being tearful.  And it’s hard to focus on upcycling when you’re missing a loved one.  So if my posts are less energetic than usual for a while, don’t worry.  I’m sure my mojo will come back, and I really hope my dog will too.

On a second serious note, I just wanted to draw your attention to the shiny new Paypal button on our sidebar ——————> and the “Supporting Us” tab at the top of the page.  Because behind all the glitz and glamour of turning people’s rubbish into cool stuff, there is serious work at the heart of what we do.  Our very cool group members are relying on us for support, tuition, and most of all opportunities to increase their independence.  And putting the group first sometimes means we miss out on nice things like… well… wages, for example.  So, if you can help, and would like to help, or if those pesky piles of money are blocking your view of the television–click the button and give us a hand.  We would certainly appreciate it.

Have a good week, and with any luck my next post will be as frivolous as you’ve come to expect.


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