An Awesomesauce Project Update

Well kids, if you’ve been keeping up with our recent activities, you’ll know that last week we got an awesome parcel from Sheri of Awesomesauce&Asshattery and Mensch T’s fame.  It was a lovely and thoughtful gift for the members of Re-Creations Wednesday Group in Cambridge.  And I was all

and then so was she, and then the whole love-fest carried on over in the Regretsy forum where warm fuzzies were shared and it was generally agreed that the situation was awesome and that we were all kick-ass individuals of the highest caliber.  And then…

Yesterday I got to deliver the bags to the group.  And boy were they thrilled!  There were no tears (at least not initially), they checked out the bags and loved that they had their names on them.  But what really got them was the notes Sheri included with each bag, commenting on the work in their gallery!  I noticed a couple of people with itchy eyes at that point–the pollen count must have been really high…  And then, since no good deed goes unpunished, we got straight to work on a couple of cool bits of swag to send over to Sheri in Berlin.  Here’s a gratuitously smiley photo:

If you look closely, you can see I’m holding a super-duper specially made Awesomesauce Jar Lantern, that’s going to be wandering over to Sheri as soon as I break open my piggy bank for postage!  (But I’m not telling what else we made for her because we want it to be a surprise!)

And if that wasn’t enough coolness for one day, Luci over at Idle Hands Yarn wrote this feature about us on Love 2 Upcycle–The Etsy Upcycling Team Blog.  As a result, lots of cool people have stopped by to visit our little corner of Etsy, and lots have stayed for a cup of tea and a chat!

While all of this has been going on, the team has been incredibly busy.  We had to finish off our bottle top door mat, which turned out pretty cool. (It also feels amazing when you stand on it in socks!)

And the rest of the time, we’ve been getting ready for: (drumroll, please) a wedding.  Not for any of our team–that ship has long since sailed for Jacqui and I.*  But a near and dear friend of the group has asked us to do upcycled wedding decorations for her very special day, and we are soooooooo excited!  This might just be the most fun we’ve had yet!  So if posts are running a bit thin over the next few weeks, don’t worry.  It won’t be because we’re slacking off and putting our feet up over the summer– we’ll be out there somewhere in Cambridgeshire, working all of our fingers to the bone!

*however, if Robert Downey Jr. should become available, we would take the situation into consideration.**

** You don’t necessarily need to mention this to our respective spouses.


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