In which additional fun was had with bottle tops!

Well, in a week fraught with technical difficulties, it looks as though I may (at last) manage a post!  Wednesday group-ers came back from holiday this week, with energy to spare.  Which was good because (as you may remember from this post) we had around a thousand plastic bottle tops prepped and waiting for them!

bottle top craftsHaving already washed and dried them all*, we set about sorting them by colour.  Our first project was a simple one, inspired by this Urban Capping gallery on Fvue.  So everybody had a go at making bottle top flowers:

bottle top coasters, upcycled bottle top coastersSweet! The flowers are simple to make, by drilling holes in the bottle tops** and lacing them together.  Now, the urban capping guys made them for decorative purposes, but we’ve found that they’re quite functional as well.  Check it out:

upcycled bottle tops

Cute, and supporting my caffeine habit–just the kind of project I like!  But we still have a few (thousand) bottle tops to work with, so we moved on to something a bit more complex:  a doormat.  First we set about arranging the tops in different patterns.


We went for the love heart pattern (courtesy of Mr. Rod, of course) and got to work. First, we needed to drill 4 holes in each top.  (and of course we had gone and gotten creative with the angles, making it much more complicated!)  Then we threaded each row together, tying them off at the ends.  After that, we  ran the string through each column, making a sturdy mesh.  It’s a work in progress, but you can see the partially completed doormat here:

We’ll finish it off next week, before we get to grips with the next BIG thing.  Fancy a clue?  Well, check out these (amazing, stupendous, epitome of awesome) fly curtains!

*bottle tops are often surprisingly icky, and sometimes require scrubbing out with a toothbrush. Especially the blue ones.

**drilling holes in plastic tops will result in a dusting of tiny plastic flakes which embed themselves into all of your favourite crevices.  Safety goggles and mask are advised. 


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