Help! We need your ring pulls!

Ok everybody, if you remember a few weeks ago I posted about the materials that we are collecting for our Cambridge group to work with.  Well, we have a more urgent update!

One of our group members, “Jack” (you can check out his bio on our About Us page) has an idea.  An ambition, if you will.  And we’re here to help him realize it.  He wants to make something special, something bigger than anything he’s tried before.  I don’t want to give it away, because he wants it to be a surprise.  But I can tell you this:  We’re going to need a lot of ring pulls.  Many, many hundreds of ring pulls.

Unfortunately, the task of drinking that much fizzy drink / beer / energy drink is more than we (and our bladders) can take on alone.  We need your help!  If you drink canned drinks, take off the ring pulls before you recycle the can.  When you have a few saved up, you can either drop them off at Buchan Street Neighborhood Centre or pop them in an envelope and post them to us at:

Re-Creations Project
77 St Peters Road
Upwell, Cambridgeshire
PE14 9EJ

We’ll be collecting from now untill the end of June.  If nothing else, it’s an excuse to treat yourselves to a beer or fizzy drink!  It’s hot outside–come on, guys:  Let’s get drinking!

And if you fancy doing something stupendous with the rest of your can, check out these tutorials!  Gingerbread Snowflake makes a butterfly mobile , and CraftStylish shows how to make sweet flower pin all from cans!

ETA:  Or, holy awesomesauce, batman–Check out this Grist article! That girl is a new upcycling hero!


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