A little more repurposed balloon awesomeness…

Whew, It’s been a long week since my last post.  If you remember, last week I had succumbed to the flu and was attempting to lay low and recover my strength.  I’m still not 100%, which leads me to believe that it wasn’t actually the flu, but the much more virulent “man-flu” strain.  One of the highlights for me was getting up the strength for a hot bath.  Unfortunately, I then lacked the follow-up strength to get back out of the tub, and then lay in a wrinkly heap in the increasingly tepid water. Meanwhile a pair of toddlers took advantage of my weakened state by traipsing plastic dogs up and down my goosebumped arms and legs until I had rested enough to fend them off.

But it wasn’t all bad.  While I lay on the sofa being subjected to Sponge Bob Square Pants on repeat (because a certain 4-year-old has learned to hide the remote), I did some more balloon jewellery.  Check these out:





repurposed balloon necklace, repurposed balloon flowersballoon flower necklace, repurposed balloon necklace







So how do you make your balloons more flower-like?  Just snip the closed end of the balloon down the middle, stopping when the balloon begins to narrow again.  Then thread your elastic through the circular opening of the balloons just like beads. It’s way to easy, isn’t it? It’s a great project to do with your kids, especially for a Hawaiian themed party.  (Of course, if you haven’t time, you can always buy one from our Etsy shop! We don’t mind, we’ll just make more.)

Now these make me really happy, but if you want some more repurposed balloon awesomeness, check out this post from Candoodles.  And, I’m sure lots of you have seen tutorials on how to make balloon stress balls.  But check out this post from Babble that demonstrates how to make a tactile matching game with balloons!

In addition to balloon awesomeness, there’s been all kinds of other shenanigans happening behind the scenes during our convalescence.  For example, Sheri from Awesomesauce & Asshattery has perpetrated some random acts of bodaciousness in our general direction–which shall be revealed tomorrow!  And the pretty stained-glass-ish lantern tutorial I promised?  ‘Tis forthcoming!  Way too much goodness is coming over the next few days–which means I now must go and rest to preserve my stamina.


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