Upcycling materials we need!

If you’re a regular reader, you probably know that we’re working our way through a mountain of plastic bottle tops.  But in the background, we still need to collect materials for our upcoming projects, and we could use your help!

Items we always need:

  • metal bottle caps
  • ring pulls from fizzy drink cans
  • Quality Street Wrappers
  • Broken/mis-matched costume jewellery

Special project collections:

We have a few special projects coming up, and we need to collect:

  • incomplete jigsaw puzzles / spare pieces
  • spare tiny toys/board game pieces (like you might find in a Kinder egg)
  • plastic Kinder eggs
  • small fabric scraps

We can use all of these things to make cool stuff like this:

upcycled bracelet, inner tube bracelet, recycled bracelet Sweet Wrapper earrings

If you have any of this stuff hanging around, don’t let it go to a landfill!  Why not save it for us?  We can accept items by post or through collections at centres in Cambridge.  Get in touch and we’ll explain how to collect your items.


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