Kaleidoscope from a Pringles Can…

DIY kaleidoscope

Here’s a nice, kid-friendly upcycling project for kids on a rainy bank holiday!  When I was a kid, I was fascinated by coloured light (still am, actually) so kaleidoscopes were a favourite toy.  So when I found out you could craft your own at home and get to eat junk food, I doubt I waited to finish my chores before getting stuck in.  (It was urgent upcycling business, after all!)  I actually found two different methods for DIY kaleidoscopes, one being much more complicated than the other.

Before getting started, you will, of course, need an empty Pringles can.  If like me, you prefer to avoid feeding your kids junk food–well, you may just have to take that bullet yourself!  (Yes darling, I eat all the Pringles for you–because I love you.)

For a simple version, Melissa at The Chocolate Muffin Tree posted a fantastic photo tutorial here, that kids will like making as much as they will using it.   Or if you’d like your view enhanced by reflections like in the photos above, you can make a more traditional version with the tutorial here  on Mom’s Network.  We used the mirrored kaleidoscope tutorial to make this:DIY Kaleidoscope, Make Your Own Kaleidoscope

We created the inside decorations with a combination of leftover tinsel and flower shapes from fused plastic bags.  The can itself is covered with some sparkly contact paper we had hanging around in the craft cupboard.  And when you look through it, you get this:

Lovely.  I might even get around to sharing it with my kids.  When I’ve finished playing with it.


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