A few scraps, thrown haphazardly together

Well, the last couple of days has been a real treat!  When Farah from Relish to the Soul nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger award, I was as close to pants-wettingly excited as I usually get.  Lets face it, when you’ve had two kids you can’t really afford to take chances.  But it turns out that the best part comes after you’ve passed on the award.  Who knew?

You see, after you name seven bloggers you think are cool, they get all excited.  Then they name seven bloggers who they think are cool.  You click the links, have a read, and discover that, yes indeed, these new blogs are cool.  And guess what?  Each of them also knows seven cool new blogs for you to read.  The awesome just keeps coming, you lose a fair chunk of your day and your blog reader improves exponentially.

And then it happens.  You look at all of these other kick-ass blogs and start to feel a burgeoning sense of inferiority.  How can you compete with such genius?  There’s only one way:  you have to become more awesome. How?  Well, Sheri at AwesomeSauce&Asshattery thought of a way.

Not only did she whip out some Wayne Newton, Sheri offered to make us some Re-Creations Project T-shirts too! I’m not going to lie to you, when I opened Sheri’s email, I got a little choked up.  Observe:

How flippin’ awesome can you get?  (I know, “AwesomeSauce,”the clue was in the name, right?)  Now I’ve got to step up my game just to stay in the same league with all these other bloggers.  I’m not sure how yet, but I’ll be considering it over this bank holiday weekend.  (There’s been some talk of wearing capes recently, which I feel would lend a certain flair to all my undertakings…)  In the meantime, here’s some upcycling:

Remember last week when I decided to upcycle some ragged old jumpers into handbags?


At the end of the process I had a bag of felt scraps left over.  Scraps fall under my husband’s definition of “Clutter”, which makes him wander the house harrumphing in bewildered agitation.  (He also twiddles with his hair while pondering the problem of the clutter, which leaves him in danger of further reducing his already thinning crop of hair)  So I needed to do something with them ASAP, or start working out how to create an upcycled hairpiece.  Luckily, there’s Pinterest!  A quick search for felt crafts sent me to this tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens for a felt wreath.  Eureka!  I mean, who hasn’t wished for their handbags to better coordinate with their home furnishings!  So this is what I came up with:

Quick and easy, which is just how I like it!  And now, since my husband is “harrumphing” ever more vigorously at the remaining clutter in the house, I must stop blogging and see what else I can string on to a wreath to get it off of the table…

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend!


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