Upcycling antics, and more fun with bottle tops!

Green magnet is shocked, yes shocked, by your behaviour.

Well, we still haven’t found a charity that wants any of our bottle tops yet, but we managed some fun upcycling with them yesterday.  Check out these bottle top magnets:

I especially like that the green magnet on the top left can be opened up to express shock if the need arises.  These cracked us up, so we’re looking forward to perfecting our technique next week.  If you fancy a tutorial, let us know–we have some avid photographers in the group, so we’re happy to photo the whole process.  Yesterday we also took advantage of the first non-rainy day this week to do some more work on our plastic bottle flowers.  (Which is great, because life just doesn’t offer enough opportunities to don such sweet-looking safety gear!)  Gratuitous action shot:Upcycled plastic bottle flowersStill a work in progress, but so far I think they look amazing!  Now we need to decide how to display them, i.e. garland, wreath, fascinators, magnets,  or just arranged beautifully in a big, fat vase.  Hmm.  Any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Upcycling antics, and more fun with bottle tops!

  1. I love those flowers! They’re so pretty, and they could go nicely as decorations just about anywhere. A big glass jar full of them would indeed look really nice, I think.

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