Kreativ Blogger–Yippee!

Thanks so much to Farah at Relish to the Soul (and Art. Upcycled) for passing this on to me! I love keeping up with your projects.

So this is how it works:

  •   I thank the person who nominated me and link back to their blog
  •  I tell you 7 things about myself that you wouldn’t already know
  •   I pass the award on to 7 bloggers that I think are cool.

It’s kind of like a chain letter combined with one of those email personality surveys, except that you won’t win the lottery* or meet your true love as a result, and if you fail to pass it on your pets won’t frown at you disapprovingly for the next three days**. So here’s more than you ever wanted to know about me:

  1. When I was a kid, I avoided flushing the toilet if I could help it.  I was afraid that it would suck me down into the drains forever. (In case any of my siblings are reading this and hadn’t worked it out already–sorry, that was me.) I’m still a bit fearful of the stuff that goes on in the whole “tank area” of the toilet.  I prefer to think that it works through some kind of benign magic, like the pretty birds and mice in Disney’s Cinderella, except that I don’t want the woodland creatures watching me pee.
  2. I (twice) went to borrow my husband’s deodorant and accidentally picked up his shaving gel instead.  I didn’t realise until I squirted cold, blue gel down my shirt.  The only reason I mention it now is that I’ve run out of deodorant once again and needed a mental reminder to check the label before I squirt.
  3. I grew up in mid-western America, where it’s flat and full of fields.  I moved to England to marry my husband and we’ve settled in the Fenland region.  It’s also flat, and full of fields here, but people seem less inclined to tip over their cows.
  4. I’ve never liked my name.  It grates on my nerves and has always felt like it should belong to someone else.  Luckily, no one ever calls me by my name unless they don’t know me or I’m in trouble.  Some of my more memorable nicknames have been “Goat Cheese” and “Band Camp Girl”, although I don’t eat goat cheese and have never been to band camp. My mom sometimes calls me by name, but only after tossing in a couple of my siblings’ names first.  That’s just what happens when you have six kids.
  5. For breakfast, my youngest daughter requested a bowl of Shreddies with milk, and a plate.  (She was really insistent about the plate.)  She then proceeded to pick each piece of cereal out of the milk, and put it on the plate, before drinking the Shreddie-flavoured milk.  This leads me to believe that some of my peculiarities may be genetic.
  6. My favourite cookie recipe can be found here.  Please steal the recipe, make them and share them–the world needs all the awesomeness it can get.
  7. I’m reasonably certain that my husband has never read my blog.  In fact, I’m reasonably certain he doesn’t actually understand what I do, except that it involves rubbish and glue.  I often hide “Easter Eggs” in my blog posts that are designed to elicit a reaction from him if he ever does manage to find my page.  If I joke about his hairline or mention moving his motorbike to make room for my growing hoard of milk bottle tops, it’s so the injured howls from behind his laptop will alert me that he has actually read one of my posts.  (Then I can cackle with glee as he runs out to the shed to see if I have, in fact, touched any of his stuff!)

Now, if you’ve managed to last through all that…  here come seven blogs that I enjoy, and I’ll pass the Kreativ Blogger onto them:

And that’s it–go play on their blogs and share the love!

* won’t necessarily win the lottery.  But if you do, all donations are welcome!

**We hope they won’t.  But some pets have very strong views on things like this.


11 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger–Yippee!

  1. So that was you! Well, all right then. (Plotting revenge for years-ago non-toilet flushing). What is your preferred nickname? Also; I never quite felt like my name fit either, hence the shorter “Steph.” Nowadays I don’t mind it so much given that I share the name with someone I like very much. 🙂

    • I figured everybody knew it was me. I didn’t mind being called “Band Camp Girl” too much because it was a response to the fact that I always start stories with “This one time…” I quite liked “Ms. America” too, but I’m less fond of being called “Grumpypants Mummy” which is my current pseudonym.

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