Bonus! DIY Fringed T-shirt scarf tutorial

Since I posted the T-shirt reconstruction overview this morning, a Pinterest follower requested more specific instructions for one of the revamps.  The original tutorial I followed has disappeared, (and I’m so gosh-darn pleased that somebody’s interested) I thought I’d whip one up for you.  So here goes:


The Circular Scarf  and Fringed Scarf are pretty much the same thing, so this will show you how to do both of them.  You will need a t-shirt, scissors, and optional beads.  First, flatten your T-shirt:

Cut it horizontally from arm to arm.

If you’re making a circular scarf, congratulations–you’re finished!  Just give the resulting tube a good stretch to make the edges curl, stick it ’round your neck and you’re good to go.  (Make sure you keep the arm/chest portions for later projects)

If you want a fringed scarf, then you next need to fold your tube of fabric in half lengthwise, (so that the two open ends meet.)  Make a sharp crease along the fold, or mark it with chalk so you can see where the half-way point is.  Then lay your tube flat again.  Next, make a cut from the edge of the tube up to the half-way point like this:

(sorry for the blurry photo!)  Make identical cuts around the circumference of the tube, about 1 inch apart.  Now you have a fringe!  Now, at this point you may find that you have a bit too much fringe, so that it lacks definition.  If you would like to thin them out, you have a couple of options.

You can remove alternating strands to create a more defined fringe.  I try to cut the strands off in a ^ shape so the remaining strands join together smoothly.  (Make sure to keep the strands you cut off!  Check out the previous post for a hair scrunchie to match your scarf.) Give the remaining strands a tug, to help the ends curl up.

If you prefer a chunkier fringe, consider braiding the strands together.

In either case, you can knot the end or add a pony bead to add weight and help the fringe hang down nicely.  I would have chosen something rustic and wooden for mine, but my daughter had star-shaped glitter beads (and a penetrating voice) so I stuck them on.   Wrap the finished scarf around your neck once or twice and that’s it.

So there you go–a finished scarf in 10-15 minutes. (depending on how much “help” any nearby toddlers wish to offer) On Earth Day, you get two posts for the price of one!


2 thoughts on “Bonus! DIY Fringed T-shirt scarf tutorial

    • Thanks! To be honest, I’m not sure who had the original idea. I saw someone wearing one and nabbed it for closer inspection. It’s a hazard of wearing anything upcycled (or upcycleable) in my presence!

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