Upcycle your Easter packaging!

Oh, how upsetting!  My very large and well thought out post just disappeared when I attempted to publish it. 😦  Sadly, you’re going to have to make do with this much abbreviated version, which I will attempt to re-create whilst I refill on coffee.

So, Easter in the UK = chocolate eggs.  And after the eggs have been eaten and scooters have been ridden haphazardly through the house (don’t ask) in a chocolate-fueled orgy of mayhem involving an inflatable horse and a hamster (no, really.  Don’t ask.) you’re left with something like this:

Happily, most of it can be recycled.  But if you’re feeling creative, you can attempt to do something more. First off we have the cardboard packaging.  It’s usually brightly coloured and in lots of cases is covered with popular children’s characters.  So whip out your scissors and shape punches if you have them– In almost no time you can have:  Gift tags, book marks, garlands and bunting and even business cards.  Here are some we made earlier:

And next, we have the lovely, shiny, colourful foil (which I endeavor to snatch from my children before they can rumple it) to work with.  We’ve only just begun to work with foil, but bangles and frames are a couple of the things we’ve tried out so far


I have a feeling this is only the beginning, though! In a search for inspiration, I found some wonderful foil art tutorials on Make It…a Wonderful Life that I can’t wait to try out.  If your Easter was more in the American style, with colourful dyed eggs (that you hide in your garden and find 2 months later when you hit one with your lawnmower blade) then never fear!  There’s upcycling for this too.  Check out Maddy Lane’s tutorial for creating beautiful mosaics from your coloured egg shells!  And when you’re finished with your eggs, you can use this amazing wikihow post to help you make a gorgeous carnation from the carton. Here’s a few I made earlier:

Ok, so maybe they’re not as pretty as the one in the tutorial, but not bad for a first time.  So there you have it:  a host of ways to convert your surplus easter packaging into some pretty cool stuff.  This post isn’t as stupendously effervescent and witty as the original version, but it will do for now.  (You’ll have to trust me–the first one was awesome!)


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