You Can– Have a Wet and Wild Day Out!

Well, there’s been a serious lack of blog posts from the Re-Creations project this week.  and it’s all because of these guys:

Just look at 'em! Standing there all empowered, and whatnot!

Led by Ruth Brannan, the You Can Hub spoke to the population of Cambridge this week and said,

“Oi!  You!  On your bike!  (and we mean all of you!)”

And thus, in the pouring rain at Milton Country Park, the YouCanBikeToo all-ability cycling project was launched.  On April 4th, well over a hundred people of all ages and abilities came from around Cambridge to have a go on a range of adapted bikes, many for the first time. This is our group member Rod, having a go on an adapted bike for two.

So what does all that have to do with us?  Well, Ruth asked if we’d be willing to come along and show off some of our bike-relevant, upcycled creations, which made it our very first market stall opportunity!  It was just the excuse we needed to hurl ourselves headlong into a pot of coffee and begin manic preparations for a display of upcycled materials.  The finished result looked like this:

It was a bit squished into a tiny space under the awning because the rain was absolutely tipping down on us–but a stonking first effort, I think!  Not only did the jewellery and accessories look great, but the shelves, display boards, jewellery rolls, display rack, mirror, and even the gift bags were all handmade from upcycled materials.  As an added bonus, we’ll have tutorials coming for those over the coming days and weeks.  I was especially proud of these:

Upcycled display boards and bike tire mirror.

(I also like the perplexed little poodle in the mirror-but he was not for sale.)

The Mayor--testing out some upcycled biking clips!

Despite the horrendous weather (and maybe in some ways because of it) we had a great day out!  We were really happy to support the launch and promote our project, but  we didn’t expect to sell much in the nasty weather.  Boy, were we surprised!  It may have helped that the Mayor was our first customer–after that we had a steady stream of visitors drop by to check out our stuff.  And let me tell you, watching the group members talk about their work, seeing their faces when someone bought one of their creations:  Unreal!  It was the best feeling in the world, and more than worth standing outside in a downpour for a day.  (Also, the YouCanHub guys had awesome cake–does it get any better than that?)

Sarah meets the mayor

The whole event pulsed with that special, feel-good energy (the YouCanHub guys call it “the buzz“) that you’ll find whenever people put their minds and energy together for social good.  From the tiny tots splashing around on their balance bikes, to the practiced cyclists using their pedal power to make smoothies, there were new experiences for everybody in what we hope will be the first of many YouCanBikeToo cycling events.  Congratulations, guys, on a job well done–and thanks so much for bringing us all along for the ride!


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