work in progress…

Phew! After a busy week playing catch-up (following several housebound weeks with contagious kiddies) I’m left with a lot of bits that are… not there yet!

The group’s main focus at present is getting ready for the All Ability Cycling Event at Milton Country Park, organized by You Can Bike Too.  (If you’re in Cambridge and have a bike, or would like to have a go at cycling, check it out!)  At the event, Re-Creations Cambridge group will showcase a number of our upcycled creations with bike-related origins.

With one week left to go, we’ve been working on our display.  The group wanted to add some height to the table, so we’ve made necklace stands from upcycled packaging and repurposed a set of night stand drawers as shelves.

We’ve also added a display rack from a pair of upcycled cot sides.  It feels as though it is starting to take shape, but we still have so much work to do!

OK, so we did add a couple of finished items to our repertoire:  A ribbon-stitched inner tube bracelet, and some cute fish bone inspired earrings.  But our main accomplishment today turned out to be:  (drumroll, please!)  a complete list of the things that we still need to do!  Sigh.


3 thoughts on “work in progress…

  1. The amount of things that I see people do with recycled inner tubes is amazing. Love the ribbon-stitched bracelet!

    Hope everything goes well!

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