Super thrifty DIY bangle tip

If you’ve hung around Pinterest like I have, you may have noticed a few (dozen) covered bangle tutorials.  Painted bangles, bangles wrapped in fabrics, bangles wrapped in thread, bangles wrapped in twine, bangles wrapped in upcycled sweater material…  the possibilities are apparently endless.  But what if you don’t have lots of bangles lying around, waiting to be transformed?  Well…

Why, helloooooo!

It occurred to me, as I was reaching in for the last Pringle, that the can wasn’t a bad fit.  So after a quick wash, I set to work sawing the can into sections.  Further investigation indicated that yes, the can would fit perfectly as a bracelet.

(At this point my 4-year old was horrified and said “Mummy, you can’t just break things!”, before stomping off in exasperation.  I guess she and Mr Pringle-head had a strong bond going.)  Anyway, at this point you could just wear Mr Pringle-Head as-is, if you’re somebody who just really, really likes Pringles.  But I thought I’d grab the opportunity to put some of my Pinterest time wasting research to good use and attempt some of the styles I had seen.  This is what I came up with:

From left to right, we have:   book pages, fabric-wrapped, sweet wrappers and thread-wrapped bracelets.  All the materials I used were scraps and random bits I had lying around, so the only cost involved was adhesive.  I used strong double-sided tape with the fabric and *Modge Podge for the others. I should probably point out that I didn’t go out and destroy a book to harvest its pages, because I know book-lovers get really irate about that kind of thing.  Many years ago, I had house bunnies and they went on the rampage one day, nibbling through the spine of Angela’s Ashes and my knee-high DM boots. (Sob!)  I saved the pages for just such an occasion.

So there you go, 4 bracelets in around 2 hours, for almost no cost.  They’d make a nice gift. (Or, they would if I hadn’t just gone and told everybody that they took almost no time, effort, or money to make them)  Enjoy!


  *They aren’t paying me to mention their brand.  But if they ever want to, then… OK!


5 thoughts on “Super thrifty DIY bangle tip

  1. I’ve seen a few people make bracelets and bangles like these. I want to give them a try for myself at some point, too; there are lots of different things I want to try wrapping with. Variegated yarn, for one thing. The colour changes could make a really interesting effect this way!

  2. The Pringles bangles idea is soo cute! A few days ago a fellow crafter showed me a pretty sturdy paper mache bracelet she had made… so maybe a Pringles bangle can become the base for layers of paper mache, that’s another way to make them I guess.

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