What we’re up to in March

This month, we’ve been getting ready for the You Can Bike Too launch on 4th April at Milton Country Park.  The project’s organizers have asked us to come along and show  off some of our bike-relevant crafts to celebrate the event.For our group members, the event will offer not only an opportunity to add some money to their “fun fund”, but the chance to develop their enterprise skills and try their hand at face-to-face sales for the first time.

To prepare, we’ve been adding to our stock, designing a market display and finding ways to build it from upcycled materials. We’ll be pricing, labeling, packaging, and role-playing the selling process to get ready for the day.  Nothing like a deadline to get you motivated!


We had help from Mel Findlater, co-founder of the YouCan Hub and Geek for Social Good (cool job title, or what?) who came along with some fresh ideas and showed us some cool new tricks with rubber.  It seems that for each new upcycled bike product we finish, another ten ideas springs up in its place!


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