Modern day heroes

On the right sidebar you may notice an ever-growing list of links to “people and organizations we like”.

“What does one do to make this illustrious list of links?” one might ask.  “Is it just a matter of chocolate and Cheetos-based bribery?”

Well, yes.  But apart from that, what makes these guys stand out (and inspires me) is that they’ve devoted themselves to making a positive impact on the world—and others’ lives.

As charities, CIC’s and social entrepreneurs, they’ve identified a need in their community.  Not content to accept it, moan about it or pass the buck to someone else—they’ve chosen to dedicate their passion and energy to creating a solution.  And do you know what?  They’re good at it!  When you see them in action, the air around them fills with a tangible buzz.  Their conversation will leave you both dizzy and energized, as a cloud of new ideas swarms around the space between your ears.  These are my personal heroes.  They spur me on to try, practice, and improve what I do and I strive to stay remotely in their league.

Which brings me to tonight’s addition to the list:  Spandy Andy.

Like me, you may have spotted his performances on fiverr or Regretsy in the run up to Valentine’s Day.  Or perhaps he caught your attention as his name burned up Reddit in the last 72 hours.  If you haven’t yet seen his lycra-clad antics, you can check them out here:

His clowning around in a shiny Speedo is fun, sure.  But underneath his smooth and funny moves, the joy that shines forth is infectious.  His motto:  “Appreciate the fact that you are alive and use your energy to spread positivity”.  Words to live by:  and which he accomplished by exchanging his steady job and guaranteed income for a boom box and a neon spandex suit.  It’s not everybody who is willing to risk ridicule, rejection and outright poverty for a chance to make people smile.  But Spandy Andy is doing it.  And enjoying it.   And his passion is what will keep him on my list of heroes, long past the point where people moan “Oh God, not him again!”