Winter collections

So over the looooooong break between posts, what has the Re-Creations Project been up to?  Where to start…

We’ve been out and about to various Cambridge businesses and charities to distribute flyers and encourage people to save some of their rubbish for us—and what a response!  Over December and January, we managed to collect and sort:

  • 3 big bags of sweet wrappers
  • 6 kilos of greeting cards
  • 1 giant mound of carrier bags, and
  • Several hundred pull tabs from fizzy drinks

And do you know what’s even better?  We had a blast (and a whole lot of coffee) doing it together.  We had tons of support collecting everything, and I need to offer up special thanks to some people who really went above and beyond to help out.  The Cambridge LDP City and South Teams, led by their recycling champion Paula Ashwood, collected masses of sweetie wrappers and some especially gorgeous carrier bags for us. (We get way to excited about that kind of thing!)  And we really enjoyed getting to meet the crew at the Sawston Friday Night Club in January.  We got to show off some of our work, share ideas, teach some of the members how to make bookmarks and bracelets.  And in return, the members really came through and collected absolute loads of greeting cards for us.  Thanks so much for all your help!  Here’s a couple of things we’ve made from the materials so far:


1 thought on “Winter collections

  1. Forgot to mention, if you have any surplus greeting cards, sweet wrappers, soda can tabs, etc. we can always use them. We have a collection box at the Buchan Street Neighborhood Centre, or you can get in touch with me!

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